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What is a skinny rebel boot camp?

It's Train Dirty London's signature high intensity, full body workout with the option of wearing an altitude mask for some or all of the bootcamp session. This is a boot camp workout with a difference in Melbourne. 


How does it differ from an ordinary boot camp session in Melbourne?

By wearing an altitude mask, the skinny rebel workout exposes the body to reduced oxygen levels. With less oxygen available in the air and less oxygen therefore circulating in your blood, the body makes captive changes as to how it uses oxygen as well as its available energy stores. The main benefits are an increase in lung capacity, energy production, anaerobic threshold, mental focus as well as re-training the way you breathe during high intensity workouts. 


What are the benefits?

As above there are a number of fitness and physiological benefits:


Fitness Benefits: 


  • Improved aerobic performance

  • Enhanced power output and speed

  • Improved strength and endurance

  • Increased exercise-till-exhaustion (ETE)

  • Reduced recovery time after exertion

  • Faster rehabilitation and injury recovery


Physiological Benefits:


  • Decreased resting heart rate

  • New blood cell production 

  • New blood capillary growth 

  • Improved antioxidant balance 

  • Promotion of health and wellness

  • Improved physiological function 


How many sessions until I start to notice a difference?

General training mask protocol of two mask-wearing full body, cardio based training sessions a week for 6 weeks will yield noticeable results.


How long are the sessions?

45 minutes.


How many people are in each session?

Session capacity is limited due to the nature of the workout and our desire to maintain a personal service. There will be a maximum of ten people per skinny rebel boot camp in Melbourne.


Skinny Rebel Boot Camp locations and times in Melbourne for 2018:

Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp in Melbourne & CBD
Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp in Melbourne & CBD
Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp in Melbourne & CBD
Outdoor Fitness & Boot Camp in Melbourne & CBD

Woodlands Park, Essendon

Monday: 6:15am

Wednesday: 6:00pm


Fairbarn Park, Ascot Vale

Tuesday: 6:15am

Thursday: 6:00pm


Carlton Gardens, Carlton

Monday: 6:15am

Wednesday: 6:00pm


Elwood Beach, Elwood

Saturday: 10:00am

Sunday: 10:00pm


What are the prices?

1 Session $25   5 Sessions $100   10 Sessions $200  15 Sessions $300

How do I sign up? 

You can book through our online booking system or you can contact us directly at:

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