Train Dirty London has a fantastic edition to our new pop-up studio at the Gainsborough Studios in Islington. CRANK^ was designed by our celebrity personal trainer Dan Chapman. Described as London's fastest and most challenging group workout. CRANK^ is 20 minutes of non-stop chain lifting, rope slamming, box jumping, fat torching fun. CRANK^ will leave your whole body hurting and all within 20 minutes.  

CRANK^ was created for people who want maximum results in a short amount of time.

What is CRANK^?


At CRANK^ we aim to bring you 20 minutes of non-stop fat stripping that will give you an exhilarating full-body metabolic workout. You will be challenged physically by using functional equipment such as slam balls, battle ropes, plyometric boxes and custom made chains. Our CRANK^ chains will bring a completely new dimension and angle to your normal resistance training class or gym workout. The nature of this workout is get maximum benefit in as little time as possible. It is proven that a shorter 'maximum' effort workout will do more for your metabolism performance and fat loss than a hour or more in the gym. 

Is CRANK^ for me?


With CRANK^ you can work at your own intensity this makes it perfect for most fitness levels but obviously if you haven't lifted before or had any experience in interval training workouts then it's recommended you book a session with Dan to go through all the techniques and methods involved in CRANK^. That way you can come to a class with the piece of mind and importantly have an injury free workout.

What results will I see?


Expect a reduction in body fat and increased levels of performance over a 3-6 week period. Energy, motivation and expert guidance from your CRANK^ trainer who will help you through every second of your workout,

Where are the sessions held?


Gainsborough Studios, New N Rd, London N1 6SU

How much are the sessions?


1 x CRANK^ session: £22:50

6 x CRANK^ sessions: £100:00

12 x CRANK^ sessions £200:00

How can I purchase a CRANK^ session?


Sessions can be purchased directly through our website below:





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