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What is a DR30 HIIT Workout?

It's Train Dirty London's new 30 minute high intensity, full body workout. Showcasing a mixture of functional movements, strength and endurance. The aim? Complete as many rounds as possible within 30 minutes.

How does it differ from another high intensity workout in London?

Each round will consist of a set number of full body, functional exercises followed by an interval session. The entire workout is a race against the clock. 

How many people are in each session?

Maximum of four per class.

What fitness level do I need to be to attend the class?



Where are they?

Highbury Fields, Shoreditch Park, London Fields & London Fields


Please see our 2019 timetable




£12:50 per session

Where can I book?

You can book through our website below 


Corporate packages: 

Please contact us at:

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