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The Slow Death of the Fitness Industry

Unfortunately over the last few years with reality TV contestants becoming celebrity personal trainers and fitness gurus overnight. Health and fitness brands have been using these so-called fitness gurus to promote health and fitness products and services, we wouldn't even feed to our pet hamster.

The fitness industry in London is losing respect rapidly with the amount of shit products and services being advertised across social media platforms by clueless Z-list celebrities (sorry fitness gurus). Looking at what's being advertised at the moment in the fitness industry is beyond shocking and quite frankly laughable. From chewable hair vitamins, to carb blockers, to protein powder for your puppies, yes puppies, to weight loss coffee shots to name a few.

Once upon a time the fitness industry was represented with knowledgeable, inspiring, talented and hard working people. Now in 2017 all you need is 5 minutes of fame on a reality TV programme (probably shagging someone), to a four week express fitness qualification, and to be endorsed by shit products with the tag line 'the holy grail for weight loss'.

The fitness industry isn't about fitness anymore it's about bullshit.

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