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Anti-Pollution Running & Cycling Mask


In 2017 the City of London issued a new alert system to warn joggers to exercising in areas where air pollution levels are unsafe. Nearly 9,500 people die each year in London because of air pollution. In truth, people in London only have to see what lorries and buses are pumping into the London air to be sold into the concept of protecting their health when out running and cycling in London. The Train Dirty London anti-pollution running and cycling mask provides the only way to block out lung irritants and other pollutants, many of which are carcinogens. 

So what can the anti-pollution running mask do to help? 

Our anti-pollution running and cycling mask helps to prevent a number of lung irritations. Many different pollutants, when mixed together can cause irritation to the respiratory systems. Wearing our Train Dirty London running and cycling mask also prevents your body from inhaling carcinogenic agents such as pyrene and benzene which are present in petrol fumes. So protect yourself this year and make exercising in a big city like London and across Europe safer and more enjoyable.

Features of the anti pollution running and cycling mask:

  • Weight: 0.08kg

  • Color: Black 

  • Size: one size fit for male and females

  • Made from neoprene giving a comfortable & secure fit

Price: £19:99 excluding delivery (One size fits both male and females with adjustable velcro strap)


Place your order or for more information please contact us at: with the following information: 

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Anti-Pollution Running & Cycling Mask
Anti-Pollution Running & Cycling Mask
Anti-Pollution Running & Cycling Mask
Anti-Pollution Running & Cycling Mask
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