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We set everyone clear and attainable goals, we ask you to train regularly and above all we promise to keep it varied and enjoyable at all times.  At Train Dirty London we believe that a diverse, multifaceted, well-rounded workout regimen achieves the best possible results.  Not only does your body get used to the same old routine (which often leads to a plateau in your training regime), but a repetitive fitness program will also lack challenge and motivation.


By integrating a balanced fitness routine into your everyday life, this will slow down most of the negative effects of the human body’s ageing process. Including the slowing of metabolism, weakening of the bones, memory and problem solving ability, and hormonal changes. We also believe that being committed to a healthy balanced lifestyle doesn’t involve living and breathing macros, drinking protein shakes or bench pressing PB's once a week.


Your progress to success in fitness is not linear. We expect failure. We expect mistakes and errors. But all we ask for is 100% commitment and determination in every session you do with us..

Train Dirty London Team

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