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Corporate Fitness Events


To be productive and efficient at work, your employees need to be healthy, motivated and challenged. Many corporate environments in London involve sitting at a desk ,in front of a computer for several hours a day. This not only affects their health and well-being but can also reduce their long term morale.


Motivate your work colleagues by signing them up for a train dirty corporate fitness event in 2017. Our qualified personal trainers and fitness professionals can tailor a training program to suit their individual needs at a location convenient to you. Watch as your team learn to work together and meet the challenges they encounter, pushing themselves physically and mentally in the process.


We can cater for all types of fitness events or just one off in-house fitness sessions, services will include a full range of health and fitness support staff that can be included in your corporate package. Give the gift of good health to your employees and they'll thank you for years to come.


Available Services:

  • Outdoor bootcamps 

  • In-house Boxing Circuits

  • DNA Fitness Testing 

  • Skinny Rebel Workout

  • Yoga

  • Dr30 Workout

  • Nutritional Plans

  • Post-workout therapeutic massage

  • Train Dirty training t-shirts

Dates + Times + Locations


Our qualified and experienced personal trainers can hold personal training sessions and bootcamps at a location that's convenient for you and your employees. We regularly run fitness events across Central London. For more information on our corporate fitness events please contact us at:

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