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Bootcamp / HIIT Frankfurt - Personal Training Frankfurt



Train Dirty London now offers its bespoke personal training and boot camp sessions in Frankfurt, Germany. With our elite personal trainers guiding you through your Bootcamp / HIIT sessions you can train and experience the beautiful sights and sounds of Frankfurt all at the same time. The Bootcamp / HIIT Frankfurt sessions are the perfect combination of high intensity interval training that consists of short bursts of intense exercise followed by smaller periods of rest. It’s incredible for toning, fat loss and overall cardiovascular fitness. Boot camp on the other hand, involves heavier weights and focuses more on core strength through using body / free weights to increase resistance. This increases your metabolism and gets you burning fat for hours after your session.  Blending the two forms of exercise means we have HIIT movements which help you to lose weight, plus bootcamp style exercises which helps you to develop lean muscle, essential for boosting your metabolic rate for a longer period of time.

How long does a Bootcamp / HIIT session last? 

Sessions last for 45 minutes. They start and finish punctually. Each session includes a 5-10 minute warm-up and cool-down / stretch. If you need to leave a session early, we can accommodate that.

How many people attend each session?

Attendance varies in each location, at each session time and according to the weather. We aim to have 7-10 people per trainer at each session. Newer groups only have one trainer until they reach this client to trainer ratio.

What do I need to bring to the session?

We recommend you bring some water, wear suitable clothing to train in, suitable footwear for exercise, and a light splash proof jacket in case of rain. Some clients prefer to bring their own wrist guards for the boxing sessions, but if you haven't got these, don't worry - we provide inner gloves for hygiene reasons. All other equipment is provided at the session.

What happens if it's raining? 

Sessions go ahead regardless of the weather. On particularly wet days we move to a wet weather location. You will be notified of the location change by your trainer 45 minutes before the session.

What's the male/female ratio like?

Client gender ratios vary across the locations, usually according to the head trainer's style and the session time. Broadly, 65% of our Bootcamp / HIIT clients are female and 35% are male.

What time are the sessions? 

Please contact Train Dirty London for 2019 times at

Why can't I view the timetable for my next Bootcamp / HIIT session?

We might not have uploaded the timetable for next week yet. There will always be sessions running, so contact your trainer or Train Dirty London for details.

Bootcamp / HIIT Frankfurt Locations


  Hufenpark: Bootcamp / HIIT         Rothschildpark: Bootcamp / HIIT        Gunthersburgpark Bootcamp            Gruneburgpark Bootcamp


             Cost: 15 EUROS                              Cost: 15 EUROS                               Cost: 15 EUROS                               Cost: 15 EUROS

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Frankfurt Hafenpark Bootcamp
Rothschildpark Frankfurt Bootcamp
Gunthersburgpark Frankfurt Bootcamp
Grüneburgpark Bootcamp Frankfurt
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