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Our Hertford bootcamp at Hartham Common is the purest form of exercise available in Hertford. There are no fancy machines or equipment, only you and the environment. It's a back to basics workout designed to push you beyond your physical limits. Whether you are training for a marathon or just looking to improve your overall fitness, every exercise and session is adjusted to match your fitness needs. The result is a stronger, leaner, healthier and more balance body for 2024.


Our Hertford boot camp takes place at Hartham Common. The boot camp sessions combine cardio and strength training exercises more effectively than any other boot camp session available in Hertford. It's a 45 minute, high intensity routine that will change how you feel in just a few weeks. This perfectly balanced boot camp will get you out of the gym and into the best shape of your life.


Hertford Bootcamp @ Hartham Common:


Tuesday  - 7:00am

Thursday -  7:00am 

Saturday - 8:30am

*please note the current timetable will change when the clocks go forward on the 31st March 2024

Grab your friends or work colleagues and form a group. Find a time and day that works for you, and book your first boot camp session at Hartham Common in Hertford with Train Dirty London.  


Hertford Fitness Bootcamp
Hertford Fitness Bootcamp - Train Dirty London



A Hertford boot camp package will cost £260.00 for 24 sessions over 12 weeks, with repeat clients receiving a 10% discount. Each Hertford boot camp session will include benchmark testing to record your progress, and continuous coaching and advice to meet your personal health and fitness goals for 2024.

Drop in boot camp sessions are £12:50 for our Hertford Bootcamp and can be booked online.

For more information please contact us via email at:


*conditions apply

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